Nahas, Gabriel G(eorges)

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NAHAS, Gabriel G(eorges)

NAHAS, Gabriel G(eorges). American/French (born Egypt), b. 1920. Genres: Education, Ethics, History, Human relations/Parenting, Humanities, International relations/Current affairs, Law, Medicine/Health, Politics/ Government, Psychiatry, Psychology, Sciences, Autobiography/Memoirs. Career: Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, NYC, associate professor and director of research, 1959-62, professor of anesthesiology, 1962-92; University de Paris Faculte de Medicine, Institut d'Anesthesiologie, adjunct professor, 1968-71; New York University Medical School, research professor of anesthesiology, 1992-; Columbia University, professor of anesthesiology, emeritus, 1992-. Publications: Marihuana, 1973; Keep off the Grass, 1976, 3rd ed., 1990; Hashish, Cannabis, Marijuana, 1976; Histoire d'H, 1977; Histoire du Hash, 1983; La Filiere du Rail, 1983; Marihuana in Science and Medicine, 1984; Une Epidemie d'amour, 1985; Les Guerres de la Cocaine, 1987; Abrege de Toxicomanie, 1988; Cocaine, the Great White Plague, 1989; A Manual on Drug Dependence, 1992; La Peste Blanche du XX Siecle, 1992; Il n'y a pas de Drogue Douce, 1992; La Drogue Bilan Scientifique et medical, 1994; Network to Freedom, 1999; Drogue, cerveau, conscience exliberte, 2000. EDITOR: In Vitro and in Vivo Effects of Amine Buffers, 1961; Regulation of Respiration, 1963; (with D.V. Bates) Respiratory Failure, 1965; Current Concepts of Acid-Base Measurement, 1966; (with C.F. Fox) Body Fluid Replacement, 1970; (and trans. with H. Peters and J. Moreau) Hashish and Mental Illness, 1973; (with K. Schaefer) Carbon Dioxide and Metabolic Regulations, 1974; (with others) Marihuana: Chemistry, Biochemistry and Cellular Effects, 1976; (with W.D.M. Paton) Cannabis: Biological Effects, 1979; (with H.C. Frick) Drug Abuse in the Modern World, 1980; Drogue et Civilisation, 1982; Drogue et Societe, 1990; (with C. Latour) Physiopathology of Illicit Drugs, 1991; (with C. Latour); Cannabis: Physiopathology, Epidemiology and Detection, 1993; (with T. Burks) Drugs of Abuse in the Decade of the Brain, 1996; (with others) Marihuana and Medicine, 1999; Operation Overlord, 1996; (with D. Harvey and C. Latour) Pharmacokinetics, and Cannabis Induced Apoptosis, 2001. Address: Dept of Anesthesiology, Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, NY 10032, U.S.A.