Naha, Ed

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NAHA, Ed. Also writes as D. B. Drumm, Michael McGann. American, b. 1950. Genres: Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Science fiction/Fantasy, Film, Music, Novellas/Short stories, Plays/Screenplays. Career: East Coast Publicity Manager, 1972-75, and Associate Producer of East Coast Artists and Repertory, 1975-77, CBS Records, NYC; Columnist, Starlog, NYC; 1977-84, New York Post, 1980-87, and Heavy Metal, 1983-86. Publications: SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY: Wanted (short stories), 1980; The Paradise Plot (novel), 1980; The Suicide Plague (novel), 1982; Robo-Cop (novelization), 1987; Breakdown (fantasy), 1988; Ghostbusters II (novelization), 1989; Orphans (fantasy), 1989. MYSTERY NOVELS: The Con Game 1986; On Edge, 1989; Dead Bang (novelization), 1989; Razzle-Dazzle, 1990; Cracking Up, 1991. FILMS: Troll, 1985; Dolls, 1986; Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, 1989; The Adventures of Sinbad (television series), 1996-;The Ransom of Red Chief (television), 1997. OTHER: Horrors: From Screen to Scream, 1975; Science Fiction Aliens (for children), 1977; Lillian Roxon's Rock Encyclopedia, 1978; The Rock Encyclopedia, 1978; The Science Fictionary: An A-Z Guide to the World of SF Authors, Films, and TV Shows, 1980; The Films of Roger Corman: Brilliance on a Budget, 1982; The Making of "Dune," 1984. SCIENCE FICTION/FANTASY AS D.B. DRUMM: First, You Fight, 1984; The Road Ghost, 1985; The Stalking Time, 1986; Hell on Earth, 1986; The Children's Crusade, 1987; The Prey, 1987; Ghost Dancers, 1988. SCIENCE FICTION AS MICHAEL McGANN: The Marauders, 1988; Blood Kin, 1989. Address: c/o Harvey Klinger Agency, 301 W. 53rd St, New York, NY 10019, U.S.A.