Mohácsi, Jenö

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MOHÁCSI, JENÖ (1886–1944), Hungarian author and translator. Born in Mohács, Mohácsi studied law and began his writing career as a literary journalist. A man of great versatility who wrote poetry and Hungarian and German prose, he was outstanding as a translator and was instrumental in gaining a world public for Hungarian literature. His best work was a literary biography of Imre Madách (1823–64), author of the dramatic poem Az ember tragédiája ("The Tragedy of Man"), of which Mohácsi also made a complete German translation (19044). He translated such classics of Hungarian drama as Bánk Bán, a historical play by József Katona (1791–1830), and Csongor és Tünde, a fairy tale by Mihály Vörösmarty (1800–1855). His original works include Hegedű és koldusbot ("A Violin and a Beggar's Staff," 1942); Madách (1935), a playlet; and Gemma, Dante Hitvese ("Gemma, Dante's Wife," 1944). Mohácsi was secretary of the Judah Halevi Society for the dissemination of Hebrew literature and wrote a book about the poet (1941). Together with many other Jewish journalists he was arrested by the Nazis in 1944 and scheduled for deportation. His exemption certificate, signed by the regent of Hungary, Admiral Horthy, never reached him, and he died during transport.


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