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In this encyclopedia, the two principal entries in this area are mission and missions, which discusses the definition and nature of mission; and missiology, which surveys the multidisciplinary field of theology which studies the mission of the Church in all its aspects. The entries mission theology and inculturation, theology of treat the systematic, contextual and pastoral theologies of mission and evangelization. For treatment of the Church's task of mission and evangelization in the Code of Canon Law, see mission and evangelization in canon law; for papal teachings on this topic, see mission and evangelization, papal writings on.

The following three mission encyclicals have individual treatment: evangelii nuntiandi; redemptoris missio ; and slavorum apostoli.

mission history, a comprehensive three-part entry, discusses the general historical developments of Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant missionary endeavors. The four-part mission in colonial america, covering Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English missions, treats the historical developments of the early missionary endeavors in the Americas. mission in postcolonial latin america surveys the developments in missionary endeavors in Latin America in the era of independence from Spanish and Portuguese colonial rule. The following special treatments of individual aspects of mission history are provided: for Spanish and Portuguese colonial missions, see patronato real; alexandrine bulls; enco mienda-doctrina system in spanish america; reductions of paraguay and las casas, bartholome de. For aspects of Asian mission history, see chinese rites controversy; indian rites controversy; diam per, synod of; nobili; roberto de; rhodes, alexan dre de; ricci, matteo and valignano, alessandro.

Biographical information on individual missionaries, founders of missionary societies, and missiologists are treated under their respective names. For the history of Propaganda Fide, the Vatican's curial agency responsible for mission and evangelization, from its inception to 1967, see propagation of the faith, congregation for the. Post-1967 developments are found in the entry evangelization of peoples, congregation for the. A related agency which assists the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples is propagation of the faith, society for the. The following U.S. mission societies and agencies receive individual treatment in this encyclopedia: maryknoll fathers and brothers; mary-knoll sisters; maryknoll mission association of the faithful; missionary society of st. james the apostle; papal volunteers for latin america (pavla); united states catholic mission association; and american society of missiology. International mission societies and agencies are treated under their respective names, e.g., paris foreign mission society; pontifical institute for foreign missions; catholic near east welfare association; and pon tifical mission for palestine.

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