Mission: Impossible 3

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Mission: Impossible 3 ★★★ 2006 (PG-13)

Tom Cruise may have transformed into Hollywood's most bizarre leading man (take that, Mel Gibson!), but you can't deny that this third MI chapter is a cracking good yarn. Abrams, in his feature debut, grounds the film by bringing back the cool gadgets and teamwork that everyone loved about the original TV show. Ethan Hunt (Cruise) is ready to retire from the IMF, when evil arms dealer Davian (a scene-stealing Hoffman) kills Hunt's protege and kidnaps his wife (Monaghan). Hunt goes into rescue/revenge mode and the non-stop action… well… never stops. Great example of a summer blockbuster that works. 126m/C DVD, Blu-ray Disc, HD DVD . Tom Cruise, Ving Rhames, Keri Russell, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Michelle Monaghan, Laurence Fishburne, Billy Crudup, Simon Pegg, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Sasha Alexander, Greg Grunberg, Carla Gallo, Eddie Marsan, Jose Zuniga, Maggie Q; D: J.J. (Jeffrey) Abrams; W: J.J. (Jeffrey) Abrams, Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci; C: Dan Mindel; M: Michael Giacchino.

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Mission: Impossible 3

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