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MIKHMORET (Heb. מִכְמׁרֶת; "Fishing Net"), moshav village, and vocational school in central Israel, near *Kefar Vitkin, founded in 1945 by World War ii veterans, some of whom had learned fishing in Holland. The moshav is affiliated with Tenu'at ha-Moshavim. Its economy is based on citrus groves, dairy cattle, and carp ponds. The village Mikhmoret Bet has developed the neighboring beach, one of the finest in the country, as a seaside resort. The fishery and seafaring school Mevo'ot Yam ("Approaches to the Sea") constituted a central maritime training institute. In 1970 the three sections of Mikhmoret had a population of 720. In 2002 it was 1,050.

[Efraim Orni]