Michael (Michaes, Michall), Moses (Moshe Bar Jehiel; 1675–1740)

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MICHAEL (Michaes, Michall), MOSES (Moshe bar Jehiel; 1675–1740)

MICHAEL (Michaes, Michall), MOSES (Moshe bar Jehiel ; 1675–1740), ship owner and international trader, born in Harzfeld, Germany. Michael immigrated to New York, and from 1717 shipped large quantities of foodstuffs, sometimes lumber and candles, to Curaçao, and supplied its garrison with flour and other foodstuffs. Michael usually traveled with his cargo on board his schooner Abigail. From 1721 to 1722 he was in partnership with Michael Asser of Boston; from 1731 to 1732, with his son Michael Michaels (d. 1736). In 1729 he paid for the privilege of placing the first cornerstone of New York's Mill Street Synagogue. He died in Curaçao.


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[Isaac Samuel Emmanuel]