Magidor, Menachem

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MAGIDOR, MENACHEM (1946– ), president of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Magidor was born in Petah Tikvah, Israel. He received his academic education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, getting his B.Sc. in mathematics and physics in 1965, a M.Sc. in mathematics in 1967, and a Ph.D. in mathematics in 1972. In 1968 he joined the department of mathematics at the Hebrew University. From 1975 to 1977 he was a lecturer in the department of mathematics of Ben-Gurion University and in 1976–78 he was head of the computer science program there. In 1978 he returned to the Hebrew University, where he became professor in 1982. In 1987–89 he was chairman of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science and in 1988–89 he was member of the executive committee of the board of governors of the university. In 1992 Magidor was named dean of the faculty of sciences, a position he held until 1996. From 1997 he was the president of the Hebrew University. Magidor was a member of professional and academic associations in the field of mathematics. He served as editor of several academic journals and book series and published some 50 articles.

[Shaked Gilboa (2nd ed.)]