Maglorius, St.

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Bishop and abbot also known as Magloire and Maelor; b. Britain (probably Wales), sixth century; d. Island of Sark (English Channel), c. 595. His predominately legendary vita (from the tenth century) claims that Maglorius was a pupil of illtud in the monastery of Llantwit Major in Glamorgan and a companion of Samson of Dol. He supposedly accompanied the latter to Brittany, where he succeeded him as abbot and bishop of Dol. It is further alleged that he spent the last years of his life as abbot of the monastery that Lascon, the chieftain of the island of Sark, gave him in gratitude for a miraculous cure. Legend ascribes many posthumous miracles to Maglorius. His relics were translated (c. 850) from Sark to the Abbey of Lehon near Dinan and subsequently (c. 963) to Paris to the former Abbey of St. Magloire. Maglorius is specially venerated as a Breton saint, but his cult spread into Italy. He is pictured as a pilgrim or as a monk being crowned by an angel.

Feast: Oct. 24.

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