Landau, Leopold

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LANDAU, LEOPOLD (1848–1920), gynecologist. Landau, a descendant of the rabbi and halakhic authority, Ezekiel b. Judah *Landau, was born in Warsaw. On completion of his medical studies, he became a lecturer in gynecology at the University of Breslau (1872–76). While there, he wrote Zur Physiologie der Bauchspeichelabsonderung (1873). In 1876 he was appointed lecturer in gynecology at the University of Berlin, becoming a full professor in 1893. In 1892, together with his brother Theodor, Landau founded a clinic for women, which became famous throughout Germany. Here he carried out research, publications being principally in the field of myoma and radical vaginal operations. Besides being a famous physician, Landau was active in the Zionist movement and in the Jewish life of Berlin. He was one of the founders of the Berlin Akademie fuer die Wissenschaft des Judentums.


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