Landau, Nathan

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LANDAU, NATHAN (d. 1907), Hungarian rabbi. Landau was a dayyan in Bardejov (Hg. Bártfa) and subsequently the rabbi and head of the bet din of *Oswiecim. He is frequently mentioned in the responsa Beit Naftali (1899) of Naphtali Schwartz (5, 6, 31, et al.), and in the Ya'aneh be-Kol (1903) edited by Joseph Schwartz. An opinion of Landau's appears in the Sharvit ha-Zahav (1912) of Shabbetai Lipschutz. He was succeeded at Oswiecim by his son Eliezer. Landau devoted himself to the methodology of the Talmud, on which he published two works (both arranged alphabetically): Urah Shaḥar (1882) and Kemo ha-Shaḥar (1904). His acumen and mastery of talmudic learning were evidenced in his Kenaf Ra'anannah, responsa (3 vols., 1886–99), Kerem Nata (1895), novellae on tractate Sotah (1895), and Levanon Tov (1901) on Niddah.


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