Jevdet Pasha (1822–1895)

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JEVDET PASHA (1822–1895)

Ahmet Jevdet Pasha was an Ottoman historian, administrator, and educational and judicial reformer. Born in Bulgaria, he pursued a religious education; dissatisfaction with traditional methods led him to study secular mathematics, law, and history. He wrote the first Ottoman grammar primer in Turkish, Kavaid-i Osmaniye.

Jevdet's unique combination of religious and secular education made him useful as an advisor to the Tanzimat reformer, Mustafa Resit Pasha. He worked on educational reforms, wrote a religious text for schoolchildren, and began his history of the later Ottoman Empire, Tarih-i Jevdet, based on state papers and personal observation. He became a judge and member of the government, writing judicial and cadastral regulations. After a series of administrative positions in the reformist government of the Tanzimat, he became minister of justice, established a secular court system, and drew up a modernized Islamic law code, the Mejelle (1869–1876), based not on French law but on Islamic Hanafi law.

Jevdet opposed the constitution of 1876 and the deposition of Sultan ˓Abdulaziz. He served the absolutist Sultan ˓Abd al-Hamid II in various ministerial posts and prosecuted the reformer Midhat Pasha for the murder of ˓Abdulaziz (1881). He retired in 1882 and continued work on his history and his memoirs, Tezakir, but returned to government service from 1886 until his death in 1895.

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