Jew-Boy Levi

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Jew-Boy Levi ★★ Viehjud Levi 1999

It's 1935 in a German farming village where Lisbeth (Ebner) works at the local bar and is romanced by cattle trader Levi (Cathomas) each year when he passes through town. Only this year, a Nazi engineer and his men are in town to repair a tunnel and gradually the peace of the community is shattered by unreasoning hatred and Levi is found dead. German with subtitles. 90m/C VHS, DVD . GE Bruno Cathomas, Bernd Michael Lade, Eva Mattes, Caroline Ebner, Georg Olschewski, Martina Gedeck; D: Didi Danquart; W: Didi Danquart, Martina Docker; C: Johann Feindt; M: Cornelius Schwehr.