Israel Isserl ben Isaac Segal

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ISRAEL ISSERL BEN ISAAC SEGAL (end 17th–early 18th century), rabbi (probably in Poland) descended from the family of Moses b. Israel *Isserles. His work Asefat Ḥakhamim (Offenbach, 1722) – the printing of which he personally supervised – is a collection of sermons arranged according to the weekly portions of the Torah, with additional sermons for the major festivals. Most deal with ethical problems; some, however, also include halakhic material. After presenting a quotation from the Bible, followed by one from the Talmud or Midrash, Israel usually proceeds to raise problems – which are sometimes quoted from other sources – and to supply their solutions. He quotes not only many ethical works written in Eastern Europe at his time, but oral statements of his contemporaries, including his teacher, R. Abraham *Broda.


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Israel Isserl ben Isaac Segal

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Israel Isserl ben Isaac Segal