Israel of Bamberg

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ISRAEL OF BAMBERG (mid-13th century), tosafist. He studied under *Samuel b. Baruch, whom he succeeded as rabbi of Bamberg. His son was R. Jedidiah of Nuremberg. The Mordekhai of *Mordecai b. Hillel mentions Israel's tosafot to tractates Shabbat and Avodah Zarah, which though no longer extant, are quoted by a 15th-century Italian codifier (Ms. Adler 2717, folio 308). In his Shitah Mekubbeẓet to tractate Bava Kama, Bezalel *Ashkenazi frequently cites the Tosefot Talmidei R. Yisrael ("Tosafot of R. Israel's students"). In his tosafot, Israel relies primarily on his teacher, and, on one occasion, quotes Eleazar of Erfurt. Benjacob is of the opinion that these tosafot were based on *Alfasi and not, as is customary, on the Talmud. There is a difference of opinion as to whether the Israel ben Uri Shraga, whose tosafot are also mentioned in the Mordekhai to Shabbat, can be identified with Israel of Bamberg.


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[Yedidya A. Dinari]

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Israel of Bamberg

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Israel of Bamberg