Israel ben Joel

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ISRAEL BEN JOEL (Susslin ; 14th century), liturgical poet and talmudist. The tosafot of Israel, who lived in Erfurt, are quoted by Jacob b. Moses *Moellin (Maharil), Israel b. Pethahiah *Isserlein and others; a halakhic decision of his appears among the responsa of *Meir of Rothenburg (Budapest edition, no. 1021) and of Moses Mintz (no. 104). Israel also composed an elaborate elegy, which refers to contemporary religious persecutions, mentioning the names of 22 localities, six countries, and 13 rabbis who died as martyrs. His tosafot are extant in manuscript form (according to Zunz in Munich Ms. 358, although Steinschneider in his catalog does not list this work; apparently also in Bodleian Ms. Opp. 8).


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[Jefim (Hayyim) Schirmann]

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Israel ben Joel

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