Israel Communist Party (MAKI) (Miflagah Komunistit Yisraelit)

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ISRAEL COMMUNIST PARTY (MAKI) (Miflagah Komunistit Yisraelit)

Israeli Communist party, founded in the mid-1960s, following a split within the RAKAH (Reshima Komunistit Hadashah, "New Communist List") party over differences between Communism and Zionism. Representing a mostly Zionist current, MAKI advocated that Israel evacuate the quasi-totality of the occupied territories, as well as negotiate a solution with the Palestinians. In 1973, this party disappeared from the political scene after merging with the T'helet-Adom (the "Blue-Red" movement) to form Moked.


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Israel Communist Party (MAKI) (Miflagah Komunistit Yisraelit)

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