Hugolino of Gualdo Cattaneo, Bl.

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Augustinian friar; b. Bevagna, Italy; d. Gualdo Cattaneo, Jan. 1, 1260. He accepted a former Benedictine monastery in Gualdo (Diocese of Spoleto) in 1258, becoming its first prior. At his death, his body was transferred to the parish church, SS. Anthony and Antonine, which on Sept. 2, 1262, was solemnly consecrated by the seven bishops of the district, who mentioned the relics of "Hugolino" in their letter of indulgence. Local veneration resulted in a penitential society that engaged in charitable work. His cult was approved Mar. 12, 1919. However, W. Hümpfner identifies this Augustinian as Hugolino Michaelis of Bevagna, a hermit who erected a monastery in 1340, followed the benedictine rule, and was alive in 1393. In 1425 his monastery was given to the Olivetans of Foligno and in 1437 to the augustini ans, who had been in Gualdo since 1363. He was venerated as an Augustinian saint by 1482.

Feast: Jan. 1 (formerly Jan. 3).

Bibliography: For the older viewpoint, Analecta Augustiniana 8 (1919) 4951. w. hÜmpfner, Lexikon für Theologie und Kirche, 10 v. (2d new ed. Freiburg 195765) 5:520521.

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