Horowitz, Ya'akov

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HOROWITZ, YA'AKOV (1901–1975), Hebrew writer and critic. Born in Kalush, Galicia, he migrated to Palestine in 1919. After working as a laborer, he went back to Vienna where he completed his university studies in 1924 and returned to Palestine. For many years he was secretary of the Israel Insurance Association, and from 1943 to 1966 editor of the literary supplement of the daily Haaretz. In 1958, on a leave of absence from the paper, he served as Israeli cultural attaché to the Scandinavian countries. Horowitz was a regular contributor to Hebrew journals from the 1920s and later became a leading figure in Israeli literary circles. In addition to his stories and novels, he wrote regularly on drama and literature and translated several plays into Hebrew. His books include Or Zaru'a (historical novel, 1929); Sha'arei Tumah (1930); Olam she-Lo Neherav Adayin (1950); and Ki ha-Adam Eino Kozev (stories and plays, 1956). His complete works (stories and plays) were published in four volumes in 1965.


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Horowitz, Ya'akov

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