Horowitz, Ẓevi Joshua ben Samuel Shmelke

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HOROWITZ, ẒEVI JOSHUA BEN SAMUEL SHMELKE (1735?–1816), East European rabbi. Horowitz appears to have been born in Nikolsburg. He married the daughter of Phinehas ha-Levi *Horowitz, author of the Hafla'ah. From 1781 to 1786 he was rabbi of Jamnitz, Moravia, from 1786–1800 in Trebitsch (Trebic), and from 1811 until his death in Prossnitz. His Semikhat Moshe, talmudic studies, was published as an appendix to his father's Nezir ha-Shem (1869). His novellae, Ḥiddushei ha-Ribash (Hebrew acronym of Rabbi Joshua b. Samuel), appeared posthumously (1878). Ezekiel b. Judah *Landau addressed a responsum to him (Responsa Noda bi-Yhudah, Mahadura Tinyana, oḤ no. 15) in which he expressed his pleasure at hearing of his appointment as rabbi of Trebitsch. A responsum of Ẓevi Hirsch b. Phinehas ha-Levi *Horowitz was addressed to him in 1815 (Responsa Ḥomer ba-Kodesh (1876), no. 7). His Hiddushei ha-Ribash also mentions the novellae of his son, Shmelke.


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Horowitz, Ẓevi Joshua ben Samuel Shmelke

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