Horowitz, Isaiah ben Shabbetai Sheftel

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HOROWITZ, ISAIAH BEN SHABBETAI SHEFTEL (1632–1689), rabbi, grandson of Isaiah b. Abraham *Horowitz (Shelah). Isaiah Horowitz was born in Frankfurt. He studied there under his father and when his father was appointed rabbi of Posen in 1643, he continued to study at his yeshivah in that town. When in 1648/49 his father published the Shenei Luhot ha-Berit of Isaiah Horowitz together with his own Vavei Ammudim, Isaiah, then only 17 years of age, wrote the introduction and composed a poem in their honor. He was rabbi of Leipnik from 1658 to 1673, of Jungbunzlau, Bohemia, from 1674 to 1678, of Frankfurt from 1678 to 1687, and from 1687 until his death, of Posen. He was a member of the *Council of Four Lands and carried on a halakhic correspondence with his great contemporaries. Many of his responsa are included in the responsa Avodat ha-Gershuni of Gershon *Ashkenazi and in the Even ha-Shoham of Eliakim Gotz. He also wrote glosses to the Emek Berakhah (Amsterdam, 1729) of his great-grandfather, Abraham.


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[Yehoshua Horowitz]

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Horowitz, Isaiah ben Shabbetai Sheftel

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Horowitz, Isaiah ben Shabbetai Sheftel