Horowitz, Irving Louis

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HOROWITZ, Irving Louis

HOROWITZ, Irving Louis. American, b. 1929. Genres: Education, Politics/Government, Social sciences, Sociology. Career: Hobart and William Smith Colls., Dept of Sociology, chairman, 1960-63; Washington University, St. Louis, associate professor to professor of sociology, 1963-69; Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, university professor of sociology, 1969-, chairman, Dept of Sociology, Livingston College at Rutgers, 1969-73, Hannah Arendt Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Political Science, 1979-. Transaction Pubs, New Brunswick, president and ed.-in-chief. Publications: Idea of War and Peace in Contemporary Philosophy, 1957, 2nd ed. as War and Peace in Contemporary Social and Philosophy Theory, 1973; Philosophy, Science, and the Sociology of Knowledge, 1961; Radicalism and the Revolt against Reason, 1961; The War Game, 1963; Revolution in Brazil, 1964; Three Worlds of Development, 1966, 1972; Professing Sociology, 1968; Sociological Self-Images, 1969; The Struggle Is the Message, 1970; (with W.H. Friedland) The Knowledge Factory, 1970; Foundations of Political Sociology, 1972; Israeli Ecstasies/Jewish Agonies, 1974; (with J.E. Katz) Social Science and Public Policy in the United States, 1975; Genocide, 1976, 5th ed. as Taking Lives, 2001; Ideology and Utopia in the United States 1956-1976, 1977; (with S.M. Lipset) Dialogues on American Politics, 1978; El Comunismo Cubano 1959-1979, 1979; Beyond Empire and Revolution, 1982; C. Wright Mills: An American Utopian, 1983; Winners and Losers, 1984; Communicating Ideas, 1986; Persuasions and Prejudices, 1989; Daydreams and Nightmares, 1990; The Decomposition of Sociology, 1993; Behemoth, 1999; Veblen's Century, 2002. TRANSLATOR: Gumplowicz, Outlines of Sociology, 1963. EDITOR: Power, Politics and People, 1963; Historia y Elementos de la Sociologia del Conocimiento, 2 vols., 1964; The New Sociology, 1964; Sociology and Pragmatism, 1964; The Rise and Fall of Project Camelot, 1967; (with J. de Castro and J. Gerassi) Latin American Radicalism, 1969; Cuban Communism, 1970, 11th ed., 2003; Masses in Latin America, 1970; The Use and Abuse of Social Science, 1971; (with M.S. Strong) Sociological Realities, 1971; The Troubled Conscience, 1971; (with C. Nanry) Sociological Realities II, 1975; Equity, Income, and Policy, 1977; Science, Sin and Scholarship, 1978; Constructing Policy, 1979; (with J.C. Leggett and M. Oppenheimer) The American Working Class, 1979; Policy Studies Review Annual: Vol. 5, 1981. Address: 1247 State Rd (Rte 206), Blawenburg Rd/Rocky Hill Intersection, Princeton, NJ 08540-1619, U.S.A. Online address: [email protected]

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Horowitz, Irving Louis

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