Hava (Also Known as Hana or Fava) of Manosque

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HAVA (also known as Hana or Fava) OF MANOSQUE

HAVA (also known as Hana or Fava ) OF MANOSQUE , surgeon in early 14th century Provence. Hava was one of many Jewish women active in medicine during the Middle Ages. She belonged to a prominent medical family; her husband and son were also surgeons and she probably apprenticed with a relative. In late 1321 or early 1322 Hava faced court charges over her treatment of a Christian who had injured his testicles; the court wanted to know if Hava had palpated the wound. She answered in the negative because her son, Bonafos, had assisted in the treatment. Hava gave the instructions and designated the necessary medicines, while her son had physical contact with the patient.


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[Cheryl Tallan (2nd ed.)]

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Hava (Also Known as Hana or Fava) of Manosque

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