Hav Plenty

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Hav Plenty ★★★ 1997 (R)

Moving in the circles of young black professionals, Lee Plenty (Cherot) is an unemployed would be writer who doesn't seem to care too much about getting a job. The materialistic and ambitious Havilland (Maxwell),a friend of his from college, invites him to a New Year's Eve party when she finds that her fiance Michael (Harper) is playing around on her. The sedate holiday weekend turns into a frenzy of surprises, as Lee is chased by Hav's hairdo-happy friend Caroline (Jones) and newlywed sister Leigh (Lee). Screwball romantic comedy comes off as a hybrid of Spike Lee and Woody Allen, with writer/director/editor Cherot's own personal touches thrown in. Performances are excellent, especially Cherot himself, who only starred when the actor hired to play his part bowed out as filming started. 87m/C VHS, DVD . Christopher Scott Cherot, Chenoa Maxwell, Hill Harper, Tammi Katherine Jones, Robine Lee, Betty Vaughn, Reginald James, Kenneth “Babyface” Edmonds; D: Christopher Scott Cherot; W: Christopher Scott Cherot; C: Kerwin Devonish; M: Wendy Melvoin, Lisa Coleman.

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Hav Plenty

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