Hauterive, Abbey of

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Cistercian abbey five miles south of Fribourg, Diocese of Lausanne-Geneva-Fribourg, Switzerland. Founded by William of Glâne (d. 1143) and settled with Cistercians from Cherlieu in Burgundy (1138), it was endowed by William, whose family (Counts of Neuenberg) became advocati. Subsequent patrons were the Counts of Aarberg (1299) and the city of Fribourg (1455). Hauterive founded Kappel (1185) and flourished under the protection of the Bishops of Lausanne and the Counts of Zähringen. It was plundered by mercenaries (1387) but revived under Abbot Pierre d'Affry (140549), who received pontifical rights (1418). Wars, the rule of weak abbots, and a fire (1578) reduced it to poverty. A revival under Abbots Pierre Python (160409), Antoine Du Pasquier (160914), and a Guillaume Moënnat (161640) was followed by debt and a decline. The abbey was suppressed by Fribourg in 1848 and became an agricultural school and a teachers' college. The archives and library went to Fribourg's cantonal and university library. The church (12th14th century, restored 172284) with its frescoes, stalls (c. 1480), and stained glass (1322) was restored along with the cloister as a Swiss art monument (190313). In 1939 Cistercians restored Hauterive as a priory under wettingen-mehrerau.

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