Harari, Ovadiah

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HARARI, OVADIAH (1943– ), Israeli aeronautical engineer. Harari was born in Cairo and came with his family to Israel in 1957. He studied aeronautical engineering at the Technion in Haifa where he recived his B.Sc. (1964) and his M.Sc. (1967). In 1966–70 he served as a project officer in the Israel Air Force in his profession. In 1978 he was appointed head of the Lavi fighter airplane project which employed about 1,800 people, half of whom were engineers. Subsequently he worked in executive and managerial capacities on various projects for Israel's Aircraft Industry (iai). From 1997 he was executive vice president and chief operations officer for iai. Harari was twice the recipient of the Israel Defense Prize, in 1969 and 1975. In 1987 he received the Israel Prize for technology and engineering.

[Gali Rotstein (2nd ed.)]