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HARARI , family of rabbis from *Aleppo. The founder of the family was moses (d. 1649). isaac ben moses (d. 1810), rabbi of Aleppo and author of Zekhor le-Yiẓḥak (Leghorn, 1818), died in Safed. nissim ben isaiah (d. 1830), referred to as Rafoul, was the author of Alei Nahar (Jerusalem, 1903). He died in Aleppo. moses ben isaac (d. 1816) was dayyan in Aleppo, emigrated to Ereẓ Israel, and died in Jerusalem. R. Ḥayyim solomon (d. 1888) held the position of *Ḥakham Bashi in *Damascus at the end of the 19th century. During the 20th century shalom (selim; d. 1938), who was born in *Jaffa, achieved distinction. He studied law in Constantinople and after the revolution of the Young Turks, he was appointed judge in *Beirut and later was member of the Court of Appeals in Jerusalem. After the occupation of *Lebanon by the French, he lived there and practiced law. In the 1930s he became president of the Jewish community of Beirut, where he died.

[Haim J. Cohen]

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