Hannibaldus de Hannibaldis

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Dominican theologian and cardinal; b. Rome; d. Orvieto, 1272. He was a nephew of Cardinal Richard (123974), and entered the Dominican Order at Santa Sabina, Rome. He later studied theology under St. thomas aquinas at Saint-Jacques in Paris. There he lectured on the Sentences (125860) and succeeded Thomas as master in the chair for foreign Dominicans (126062). His commentary on the Sentences, formerly attributed to Aquinas, is one of the earliest expressions of thomism, although it includes excerpts from Peter of Tarentaise (Pope innocent v) and St. bonaventure. Returning to Italy, he was created cardinal priest in December 1262 by urban iv and given the titular church of the Twelve Apostles. In 1265 he was legate of clement iv to support the claims of Charles I of Anjou. After the death of Urban IV, Aquinas dedicated the last three books of the Catena aurea (126568) to his former disciple, who lived to take part in the election of gregory x.

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