Greenstein, Harry

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GREENSTEIN, HARRY (1896–1971), U.S. social worker. Greenstein was born in Baltimore, Maryland. From 1928 until his retirement he served as executive director of the Associated Jewish Charities of Baltimore. Greenstein also served as State Relief administrator during 1933–36. He was director of welfare in the Middle East for the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Agency (unrra) from 1944–45 and in 1949 was the advisor to the American military governor on Jewish affairs in Germany. In the latter position, Greenstein was instrumental in the passage of the General Claims Law, which applied to reparations in the American zone and served as a basis for the 1952 Federal Supplementing and Coordinating Law in West Germany. He also helped to arrange for the care and resettlement of displaced persons. He was elected to the presidencies of the Baltimore Council of Social Agencies (1935–39), National Conference of Jewish Community Service (1937–38), and American Association of Social Workers (1939–40).


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Greenstein, Harry

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