Galdinus, St.

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Cardinal archbishop; b. Milan, c. 1100; d. Milan, April 18, 1176. Galdinus, of the noble Valvarsi della Sala family, was chancellor and archdeacon at Milan before becoming cardinal priest of Santa Sabina at Rome in 1165. The following year he was made archbishop of Milan (April 18, 1166), to which charge was added that of papal legate for Lombardy. In his diocese and throughout Lombardy, he strove vigorously to repair the ravages of the Victorine schism and to counteract the heresy of the cathari. He joined, also, in the rebuilding of Milan (destroyed by fredericki barbarossa), cared for the needs of the poor, and reformed and reorganized his clergy. He died literally on his feet while preaching, and he was canonized by the then-reigning pope, alexander iii.

Feast: April 18.

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