Galeana, Hermenegildo (1762–1814)

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Galeana, Hermenegildo (1762–1814)

Hermenegildo Galeana (b. 13 April 1762; d. 27 June 1814), Mexican insurgent leader. Like other members of his family, Galeana, born in Tecpan, joined José María Morelos at La Sabana in January 1811. He proved valiant and able from the outset, and Morelos named him his lieutenant in May 1811. Galeana won victories in numerous important battles. He took Taxco in December 1811, and occupied Tenancingo the following January. From February to May 1812, he participated in the defense of Cuautla, where his aid proved to be of great importance. Morelos named him field marshal in September 1812, at Tehuacán. Galeana participated in the capture of Orizaba in October 1812 and in the taking of Oaxaca that November. He played a decisive role in the taking of Acapulco in April 1813, and in the capture of the fortress of San Diego four months later, when he convinced its commander to surrender. In December 1813 Galeana participated in the attack against Valladolid, where the insurgents were defeated. In January 1814, after the defeat at Puruarán, Galeana headed south, pursued by the royalists. After his death in combat at El Salitral, Galeana's head was exhibited in the plaza of Coyuca.

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Galeana, Hermenegildo (1762–1814)

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