Freund, Samuel ben Issachar Baer

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FREUND, SAMUEL BEN ISSACHAR BAER (1794–1881), rabbi and author of commentaries and glosses on the Mishnah and halakhic works. Born in Touskov, Bohemia, Freund was a pupil of Baruch Fraenkel-Teomim of Leipnik and Bezalel Ranschburg (Rosenbaum) of Prague. He served as rabbi in Lobositz, and afterward in Prague (1834–79), where he succeeded Samuel b. Ezekiel Landau as dayyan, or "Oberjurist." Freund initiated the founding of the "*Afike Jehuda" society for Jewish science in Prague (1869). He died in Prague.

Among his works are Zera Kodesh (pt. 1, 1827); novellae and expositions of the tractates Berakhot, Pe'ah and Demai; Musar Av (Vienna, 1839), a commentary on Proverbs; Teshuvat Keren Shemu'el (Prague, 1841), a responsum on the subject of eating legumes, rice, and millet during Passover, his conclusion being that they cannot be permitted; Et le-Ḥannenah (1850), glosses on the order Mo'ed; Ir ha-Ẓedek (1863), an abridgment of the Sefer Mitzvot Gadol (Semag) of Moses of Coucy, with glosses, novellae, and expositions; and Amarot Tehorot (1867), glosses to, and corrections of the works of commentators on the order Tohorot, together with his own Ketem Paz (1870), a commentary on Avot, and an appendix of glosses and novellae to Berakhot.


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