Frey, Jean Baptiste°

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FREY, JEAN BAPTISTE ° (1878–1939), French priest and archaeological scholar. In 1925 Frey was appointed secretary of the papal Bible commission and in 1933 rector-consultor of the Congregation "De propaganda fide" ("For Propagating the Faith"). His most important publication, though incomplete, is the two-volume Corpus Inscriptionum Judaicarum (entitled in French Recueil des inscriptions juives du troisième siècle avant au septième siècle après J.C., vol. 1, Europe, 1936; vol. 2, Asie-Afrique, 1952). The second volume, despite its title, deals with *Egypt only. His other works include La théologie juive aux temps de Jésus-Christ… (1910), Une ancienne synagogue de Galilée récemment découverte (1933), and Il delfino col tridente nella catacomba giudaica di Via Nomentana (1931). Frey also contributed numerous articles to learned periodicals, chiefly on Judaism in the time of Jesus and on Semitic epigraphy.