Freyer, August

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Freyer, August

Freyer, August, German-born Polish organist, pedagogue, and composer; b. Mulda, near Dresden, Dec. 15, 1803; d. Pilica, near Warsaw, May 28, 1883. He studied with F. Schneider and C. Pohlenz in Leipzig, and completed his training in Warsaw with Lenz (figured bass and organ) and Eisner (composition). In 1837 he became organist of the Evangelical Church in Warsaw, which post he held for more than four decades. He also toured Europe as an organ virtuoso. In 1831 he founded his own free school for organ instruction, and in 1858 he became a teacher of organ, harmony, and counterpoint at the Warsaw Music Inst. His most famous pupil was Moniuszko. Freyer’s virtuoso organ works made a notable addition to the repertory.

—Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire

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