Edelmann, Simḥah Reuben

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EDELMANN, SIMḤAH REUBEN (Sar ha-Adulammi ; 1821–1893), Lithuanian Hebrew scholar. Edelmann was born in Vilna and studied at the Volozhin yeshivah. He tried his hand in various branches of Jewish scholarship, and also wrote poetry and was one of the first to "discover" J.L. Gordon, whom he befriended.

Among his published books are Shoshannim (1860); Ha-Mesillot (1875); Ha-Tirosh (1871), on Genesis Rabbah; and Doresh Reshumot (1893), on I.H. Weiss' historical work Dor Dor ve-Doreshav, which Edelmann criticized for its liberal views. Edelmann also contributed to Hebrew periodicals. Part of his literary remains were used by A.D. Lebensohn and I. Benjacob in their edition of the Bible (1849–53) and published by Edelmann's son Mordecai Isaac in his Me'arat Adullam (1922) and Tovim ha-Shenayim (1913). An autobiographical fragment was published by the son in his biography of his father, Hakḥam ve-Sar (1896).