Edelman, Maurice

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EDELMAN, MAURICE (1911–1975), author and politician. Born in Cardiff and educated at Cambridge, Edelman was a Labour M.P. from 1945 until his death. He was president of the Anglo-Jewish Association in 1963. His works include France: The Birth of the Fourth Republic (1945); David Ben-Gurion (1964), a biography; and political and other novels, including A Trial of Love (1951), Who Goes Home and A Dream of Treason (both 1953), A Call on Kuprin (1959), The Fratricides (1963), The Prime Minister's Daughter (1964), and Shark Island (1967). Edelman's best-known work was probably the novel Disraeli in Love (1972). Although a Labourite, Edelman was such an admirer of Disraeli that, in 1972, he leased and lived in a wing of Hughenden manor, Disraeli's country house. Once a leftist supporter of the Soviet Union, by the end of his life Edelman was active in the movement for Soviet Jewry.


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