Edelman, David Louis 1971-

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Edelman, David Louis 1971-


Born 1971, in Birmingham, AL; married; wife's name Victoria. Education: Johns Hopkins University, B.A., 1993. Hobbies and other interests: Science fiction and fantasy, cyberpunk, creative writing, Web programming.


E-mail—[email protected].


Programmer, Web designer, marketing professional, software applications instructor, journalist; clients have included the U.S. Army, FBI, U.S. Congress, and World Bank.


Infoquake was named Barnes & Noble's Science Fiction Book of the Year, 2006.


Infoquake, Pyr (Amherst, NY), 2006.

Contributor to periodicals, including the Baltimore Sun and Washington Post.


David Louis Edelman draws on his experience in programming, Web design, and marketing for his debut science fiction novel, Infoquake, set in the future and the first volume in the projected "Jump 225" trilogy. The protagonist, Natch, is a marketing executive involved in the science of programming the human body, called bio/logics, "the science of using programming code to extend the capabilities of the human body and mind." His job is to protect MultiReal technology from spies, government agencies, and infoquakes, energy events that make vulnerable the bio/logic networks.

SFFWorld.com reviewer Rob H. Bedford commented: "Where much of SF deals with people changing the world around them to fit their needs, Edelman posits a world where people augment themselves with technology. Again perhaps not a new storytelling technique, but in Edelman's deft hands, it reads fresh and relevant. Given the prevalence of augmentation surgery in today's world, this biological enhancement is a logical next step. Natch just happens to be the best at what he does, which is create and sell such programs…. Despite the fact that Infoquake is a first novel, the story reads extremely well, with both a strong, solid narrative and plausible characters." A Publishers Weekly contributor wrote: "Bursting with invention and panache, this novel will hook readers for the story's next installment."



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