Eden, Barbara 1934–

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Eden, Barbara 1934–


Born Barbara Jean Moorhead (later known as Barbara Jean Huffman), August 23, 1934, in Tucson, AZ; daughter of Alice Mary (maiden name, Franklin) Moorhead; stepdaughter of Harrison Connor Huffman; married Michael Ansara (an actor and director), January 17, 1958 (divorced, May 25, 1974); married Charles Donald Fegert (a publishing executive), September 3, 1977 (divorced, 1983); married Jon Trusdale Eicholtz (a real estate developer), January 5, 1991; children: (first marriage) Matthew Michael Ansara (a personal trainer). Education: Attended San Francisco City College; studied at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and the Elizabeth Holloway School of Theatre.


Actress, producer, and song performer. Appeared in television commercials, including American Lung Association Christmas Seals, 1966, Playtex, 1978, Reliable Furniture Stores, 1984, Golden Dip Sea Food, 1986, Natural Source Vitamins, 1986, L'eggs pantyhose, 1979-83, Old Navy stores, 1998, Lexus automobiles, 1998, Entenmann's bakery products, 2000, Guarantee Trust Life Insurance, 2005, 2007, and TV Land television channel, 2006; Mi-Bar Productions, president. Security First National Bank of Chicago, member of board of directors; worked in bank, c. 1950s.

Awards, Honors:

Golden Globe Award nominations, best television star—female, 1967, and best television actress—musical/comedy, 1970, TV Land Award, favorite dual-role character, 2003, all for I Dream of Jeannie; California Broadcasting Hall of Fame, inductee, 2003; star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Film Appearances:

(Uncredited) College girl, Back from Eternity, Universal, 1956.

Molly, The Wayward Girl (also known as The Wayward Girlz), Republic, 1957.

(Uncredited) Miss Carstairs, Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter? (also known as Oh! For a Man!), 1957.

Sergeant Katie Mulligan, A Private's Affair, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1959.

Roslyn Pierce, Flaming Star, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1960.

Clemmie, From the Terrace, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1960.

Lucy Hall, Twelve Hours To Kill, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1960.

Sally Hobson, All Hands On Deck, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1961.

Cathy Conners, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1961.

Susan Gale, Five Weeks in a Balloon, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1962.

Carol Walker, Swingin' Along (also known as Double Trouble), 1962.

Greta Heinrich, The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1962.

Lissa Paxton, The Yellow Canary, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1963.

Sylvia Kenton, The Brass Bottle, Universal, 1964.

Laura Rogers, The New Interns, Columbia, 1964.

Augusta "Augie" Poole, Ride the Wild Surf, Columbia, 1964.

Angela Benedict, Seven Faces of Dr. Lao (also known as 7 Faces of Dr. Lao and The Secret World of Dr. Lao), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1964.

Pia Pacelli, Quick, Let's Get Married (also known as The Confession and Seven Different Ways), Golden Eagle, 1965.

Barbara Norris, The Toy Game, 1973.

Justine Pirot, The Amazing Dobermans (also known as Lucky), Golden, 1976.

Stella Johnson, Harper Valley P.T.A., April Fools Production, 1978.

Anxious tunnel person, Jaws 3-D (also known as Jaws 3 and Jaws III), Universal, 1983.

Maggie Jones, Chattanooga Choo Choo, April Fools Production, 1984.

Herself, The Fantasy Film World of George Pal (documentary), LCA Video, 1985.

Herself, The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen, 1995.

(Uncredited) Jeannie, A Very Brady Sequel, Paramount, 1996.

Host, Championship Ballroom Dancing, 1997.

Jackie, Mi Casa, Su Casa (also known as Loco Love), Artisan Entertainment, 2003.

(Uncredited) Daphne St. Claire, Carolina (also known as Carolina—Auf der suche nach Mr. Perfect), Miramax, 2003.

Television Appearances; Series:

Loco Jones, How to Marry a Millionaire, syndicated, 1957-59.

Jeannie and Jeannie's mother, I Dream of Jeannie, NBC, 1965-70.

Jeannie's sister, I Dream of Jeannie, NBC, 1967-70.

Barbara Morris, The Barbara Eden Show, ABC, 1973.

Stella Johnson, Harper Valley P.T.A. (also known as Harper Valley), NBC, 1981-82.

Barbara McCray, A Brand New Life, NBC, 1989-90.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

The Hellcats, ABC, 1967.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Dr. Jane Bowers, The Feminist and the Fuzz, ABC, 1971.

Liza Crocker, A Howling in the Woods, NBC, 1971.

Dina Hunter, The Woman Hunter, CBS, 1972.

Francine Gregory, Guess Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed? (also known as Guess Who's Sleeping in My Bed?), ABC, 1973.

Ann Collins, The Stranger Within (also known as Trespass), ABC, 1974.

Lacy Colbert, Let's Switch, ABC, 1975.

Ellen Dowling, How to Break Up a Happy Divorce, NBC, 1976.

Liz Stonestreet, Stonestreet: Who Killed the Centerfold Model, NBC, 1977.

Lee Rawlins, The Girls in the Office, ABC, 1979.

Barbara Messenger, Condominium, 1980.

Mary Beth Allen, Return of the Rebels, CBS, 1981.

Tess Harding, Woman of the Year, 1984.

Jeanie and Jeannie II, I Dream of Jeannie15 Years Later, NBC, 1985.

Jeannie, I Dream of Jeannie20 Years After, NBC, 1986.

Laura Harding, The Stepford Children, NBC, 1987.

Kathy McCormick, The Secret Life of Kathy McCormick, NBC, 1988.

Brenda Andersen, Your Mother Wears Combat Boots, NBC, 1989.

Barbara McCray, A Brand New Life: The Honeymooners, NBC, 1989.

Charlie McKeon, Opposites Attract, 1990.

Tess O'Brien, Her Wicked Ways (also known as Lethal Charm), CBS, 1991.

Terri Ferguson, Hell Hath No Fury, 1991.

Jeannie and Jeannie II, I Still Dream of Jeannie, 1991.

Jesse Newman, Visions of Murder, NBC, 1993.

Jesse Newman, Eyes of Terror (also known as Visions of Terror), 1994.

Henrietta "Henrie O." O'Dwyer Collins, Dead Man's Island, CBS, 1996.

Kay Goodman, Nite Club Confidential, 1996.

Lorelei Lee, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1998.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Cross Roads, ABC, 1955.

Lalume, Kismet, ABC, 1967.

Romp, ABC, 1968.

The Bob Hope Show, NBC, 1968, 1970, 1971, 1972.

The Engelbert Humperdinck Special, ABC, 1969.

Host, The Wonderful World of Girls, NBC, 1970.

Gene Kelly's Wonderful World of Girls, NBC, 1970.

Changing Scene, ABC, 1971.

Host, Love IsBarbara Eden, NBC, 1972.

Various, Out to Lunch, 1974.

TellyWho Loves Ya' Baby?, CBS, 1976.

Texaco Presents The Bob Hope All-Star Comedy Special from Australia, NBC, 1978.

ABC's Silver Anniversary Celebration, 25 and Still the One (also known as ABC 25th Anniversary), ABC, 1978.

Festival of the Stars: Mexico, CBS, 1978.

Bob Hope's All-Star Look at TV's Prime Time Wars, NBC, 1980.

Men Who Rate a "10," NBC, 1980.

Guest host, The Big Show, 1980.

Guest host, It's Only Human, NBC, 1981.

Herself, NBC Family Christmas, 1981.

The Bob Hope Comedy Special, 1981.

Bob Hope's All-Star Comedy Look at the Fall Season: It's Still Free and Worth It, NBC, 1981.

Bob Hope's Women I Love—Beautiful but Funny (also known as Women I Love: Beautiful But Funny), NBC, 1982.

Host, Your Choice for the Film Awards, 1983.

Host, The Best of Everything, 1983.

53rd Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade, 1984.

The Bob Hope Christmas Show, NBC, 1985.

Host, The 52nd Annual King Orange Jamboree Parade (also known as Orange Bowl Parade), NBC, 1985.

Ringmaster, 11th Annual Circus of the Stars (also known as Circus of the Stars #11), CBS, 1986.

The 38th Annual Emmy Awards, NBC, 1986.

All Star Party for Clint Eastwood, CBS, 1986.

NBC's 60th Anniversary Celebration, NBC, 1986.

Host, The 6th Annual National Songwriter Awards, 1986.

Larry King Live, CNN, 1986, 1990, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004.

Happy Birthday Hollywood (also known as Happy 100th Birthday Hollywood), ABC, 1987.

The Great American Quiz Show, 1987.

Bob Hope's USO Christmas from the Persian Gulf—Around the World in Eight Days, NBC, 1988.

Bob Hope Christmas Special from Waikoloa, Hawaii, NBC, 1989.

Host, 101st Tournament of Roses Parade, NBC, 1990.

Host, The 40th Annual Miss USA Pageant, 1991.

Christmas guest, A Bob Hope Christmas (also known as Hope for the Holidays—The Best of Bob Hope), NBC, 1993.

Bob Hope's Bag Full of Christmas Memories, NBC, 1993.

The Magic of Christmas, 1995.

TV's All Time Favorites, 1995.

The Fantasy Worlds of Irwin Allen, Sci-Fi Channel, 1995.

The Walt Disney World Very Merry Christmas Parade, ABC and Disney Channel, 1996.

Host, Championship Ballroom Dancing, PBS, 1997.

Hollywood Aliens & Monsters (also known as To the Galaxy and Beyond with Mark Hamill), Arts and Entertainment, 1997.

Host, Championship Ballroom Dancing, PBS, 1998.

Elvis, the Hollywood Years: The E! True Hollywood Story, E! Entertainment Television, 1998.

Christmas in Hollywood, syndicated, 1998.

Host, Sitcom Style, HGTV, 1999.

A Magical Evening with Barbara Eden, 1999.

TV Land's Ultimate Fan Search, TV Land, 1999.

I Dream of JeannieThe E! True Hollywood Story, E! Entertainment Television, 2000.

The Great American History Quiz: Pursuit of Happiness, History Channel, 2000.

Prism Awards, 2000.

At Home with Barbara Eden, 2001.

Christmas with the Stars, 2001.

Intimate Portrait: Barbara Eden, Lifetime, 2002.

Intimate Portrait: Jennie Garth, Lifetime, 2002.

NBC 75th Anniversary Special (also known as NBC 75th Anniversary Celebration), NBC, 2002.

Inside TV Land: 40 Greatest Theme Songs, TV Land, 2002.

Inside TV Land: Taboo TV, TV Land, 2002.

Christmas Pageant of Peace, 2002.

Inside TV Land: Style and Fashion, TV Land, 2003.

TV's Most Memorable Weddings, NBC, 2003.

TV Land Awards: A Celebration of Classic TV (also known as 1st Annual TV Land Awards), TV Land, 2003.

TV Revolution, Bravo, 2003.

The Second Annual TV Land Awards: A Celebration of Classic TV, TV Land, 2004.

Hostess, America's Best Mom, PAX, 2004.

TV Land Landmarks: Breaking the Mold, TV Land, 2004.

Inside TV Land: Tickled Pink, TV Land, 2005.

Edie (Desperate Housewives skit), The 3rd Annual TV Land Awards, TV Land, 2005.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Howdy, 1970.

Barbara Norris, The Barbara Eden Show, 1973.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

The Johnny Carson Show, 1956.

Toni DeWitt, "Decision," West Point (also known as The West Point Story), 1956.

Patricia "Patty" Robbins, "Bentley and the Revolting Housekeeper," Bachelor Father, 1957.

Kathy Owens, "Hostage Copter," Highway Patrol, 1957.

People Are Funny, 1957.

Diana Jordan, "Country Club Dance," I Love Lucy (also known as Lucy in Connecticut, The Sunday Lucy Show, and The Top Ten Lucy Show), CBS, 1957.

Billie Walker, "The Ted McAllister Story," The Millionaire (also known as If You Had a Million), 1957.

Carla Adrian, "The Case of the Angry Mourner," Perry Mason, 1957.

Judy Pierce, "Romeo," Gunsmoke (also known as Gun Law and Marshal Dillon), 1957.

Miss Wilson, "The Other Woman," December Bride, 1957.

Loco Jones, "Alias the Secretary," How to Marry a Millionaire, 1957.

"Greenhill Far Away," Crossroads, 1957.

Marge Corbett, "The Rivals," Father Knows Best (also known as I Told You So), 1958.

Eleanor, "The Samuel Bradford Case," The Lineup (also known as San Francisco Beat), 1958.

Ginny Grant, "The Inheritance," Adventures in Paradise, 1961.

Lili, "Babes in Wall Street," Target: The Corrupters, 1962.

Teri, "Savage in Darkness," Cain's Hundred, 1962.

Ellen Brown, "The Manicurist," The Andy Griffith Show (also known as Andy of Mayberry), 1962.

Nora Love, "Daddy's Girl," Saints and Sinners, 1962.

Judy Gail, "If You Can't Believe the Truth," Dr. Kildare, 1963.

Marnie Lee, "Who Killed Harris Crown?" Burke's Law (also known as Amos Burke, Secret Agent), 1963.

Crystal Simpson, "Incident at Confidence Creek," Rawhide, 1963.

Margo, "Where There's a Will There's A Way: Parts 1 & 2," Route 66, 1964.

Sylvia Hanson, "Who Killed the Paper Dragon?," Burke's Law (also known as Amos Burke, Secret Agent), CBS, 1964.

Samantha, "The Brazo's Kid," The Virginian, 1964.

Linda Murray, "Who Killed Cornelius Gilbert?," Burke's Law (also known as Amos Burke, Secret Agent), 1964.

Goldie, "Damon's Way: Parts 1 & 2," Rawhide, 1964.

Vanessa Barrett, "Who Killed the Man on the White Horse?," Burke's Law (also known as Amos Burke, Secret Agent), CBS, 1965.

"Question: When Do We Hang the Good Samaritan?," Slattery's People, 1965.

Sally Cardue, "Wherefore Art Thou Harold?," The Rogues, 1965.

The Andy Williams Show, 1966.

"Hell Cats," Off to See the Wizard, 1967.

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour, 1967.

The Carol Burnett Show (also known as Carol Burnett and Friends), 1967.

The Jonathan Winters Show, 1967.

The Mike Douglas Show, 1967.

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, NBC, 1967, 1974, 1975, 1978, 1981.

Singer, The Hollywood Palace, 1968.

Toast of the Town (also known as The Ed Sullivan Show), 1969.

This Is Tom Jones, 1969.

The Pet Set, 1971.

Herself, "150," The Electric Company, 1972.

The Merv Griffin Show, syndicated, 1974, 1984, 1985, 1986.

Tony Orlando and Dawn (also known as The Tony Orlando and Dawn Rainbow Hour), 1975.

Celebrity Sweepstakes, 1975.

Donny and Marie (also known as The Osmond Family Show), 1976.

The Sonny and Cher Show, 1976.

Break the Bank, 1977.

Dinah! (also known as Dinah! & Friends), 1977.

"Oral Smoke Alarm," America 2-Night, 1978.

The John Davidson Show, 1980.

Host, The Big Show, 1980.

Nancy Bricker, "He's My Brother/Zeke and Zelda/Teach Me Tonight," The Love Boat, ABC, 1981.

Today (also known as The Today Show), NBC, 1983, 1991, 1995.

Star Search, 1984.

Thicke of the Night, 1984.

Entertainment Tonight (also known as E.T.), syndicated, 1984, 1988, 1989, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2006.

The Merv Griffin Show, 1984, 1985, 1986.

The Start of Something Big, 1985.

It's a Great Life, 1986.

Dance Fever, 1986.

Guest, "Being Blonde," The Oprah Winfrey Show (also known as Oprah), ABC, 1987.

Crook & Chase, 1989.

Lee Ann De La Vega, "The Odessa File," Dallas, CBS, 1990.

Lee Ann De La Vega, "Sail On," Dallas, CBS, 1991.

Lee Ann De La Vega, "Lock, Stock, and Jock," Dallas, CBS, 1991.

Lee Ann De La Vega, "S is for Seduction," Dallas, CBS, 1991.

Showbiz Today, CNN, 1991.

The Howard Stern Show, 1992.

Vicki!, 1993.

(Uncredited) Herself, Nachtshow, 1994.

George & Alana, 1995.

Mike & Maty, 1996.

(Uncredited) Herself, Hausparty (also known as Gottschalks Haus-Party), 1996.

The Rosie O'Donnell Show, syndicated, 1996.

"Peter Lorre: Master of Menace," Biography, Arts and Entertainment, 1996.

"Barbara Eden: Out of the Bottle," Biography, Arts and Entertainment, 1999.

"I Dream of Jeannie Reunion," Donny & Marie, syndicated, 1999.

"Sidney Sheldon: The Storyteller," Biography, Arts and Entertainment, 2000.

Larry King Live, CNN, 2000.

Great Aunt Irma, "A Birthday Witch," Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (also known as Sabrina and Sabrina Goes to College), The WB, 2002.

Great Aunt Irma, "The Arrangement," Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (also known as Sabrina and Sabrina Goes to College), The WB, 2002.

Great Aunt Irma, "A Fish Tale," Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (also known as Sabrina and Sabrina Goes to College), The WB, 2003.

Good Morning America, ABC, 2003.

Hollywood Squares (also known as H2 and H2: Hollywood Squares), syndicated, 2003.

Evelyn, "Brenda's Birthday Bandit," Teamo Supremo (also known as Disney's "Teamo Supremo"), 2003.

Good Day Live, syndicated, 2004.

"Larry Hagman: One More Shot," Biography, Arts and Entertainment, 2004.

"Wacky Neighbors," TV Land's Top Ten, TV Land, 2005.

"Perfect 10's the Women," TV Land's Top Ten, TV Land, 2005.

"Characters You Love to Hate," TV Land's Top Ten, TV Land, 2005.

"Sexiest Men," TV Land's Top Ten, TV Land, 2005.

"Network Notes," TV Land Confidential (also known as TV Land Confidential: The Untold Stories), TV Land, 2005.

"Where Real Life and Screen Life Collide," TV Land Confidential (also known as TV Land Confidential: The Untold Stories), TV Land, 2005.

The View, ABC, 2006.

I've Got a Secret, Oxygen, 2006.

Ruth, "George Is Maid to Be Ruth-Less," George Lopez, ABC, 2007.

Army Lives, Lifetime, 2007.

Also appeared in "… And Then There Were Two," Route 66; as herself, Fractured Flickers.

Television Work; Movies:

Coproducer, The Secret Life of Kathy McCormick, NBC, 1988.

Stage Appearances:

Blithe Spirit, 1977.

Nurse Nelly Forbush, South Pacific, 1986.

Different Heroes Different Dreams, 1988.

Same Time, Next Year, 1991.

Nite Club Confidential, 1996.

Also appeared in Annie Get Your Gun; Spring Crazy; The Sound of Music.

Major Tours:

Woman of the Year, U.S. cities, 1984.

Elaine Navazio and Jeanette Fisher, The Last of the Red Hot Lovers, 1993.

Also toured in Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?; The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.



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