Deutsch, David ben Menahem Mendel

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DEUTSCH, DAVID BEN MENAHEM MENDEL (1756–1831), Hungarian rabbi and author. Deutsch was a pupil of Ezekiel Landau. He served as rabbi of Jamnitz (1784–90), Frauenkirchen, Szerdahely, and, from 1810 until his death, of Waag-Neustadt. After he had published Ohel David (3 pts., Vienna, 1822), novellae on various tractates, he added various glosses to the work, and instructed that they be added to the passages indicated in every copy of the books. His novellae on Yevamot (Vienna, 1825) and on Shevu'ot (Pressburg, 1830; the latter published by his son Ezekiel, who also wrote an introduction) were brought to press through the efforts of his son-in-law, Meir Ash. Some of Deutsch's novellae were published by his grandson, Menahem Deutsch (Ungvar, 1867). Other novellae are to be found at the end of She'elot u-Teshuvot ha-Ge'onim (Pt. 1 responsa Ge'onei Batra'ei, Prague, 1816) and in part two of Kedushat Yisrael (Vienna, 1829) of Benjamin Wolf b. Leib (Lichtenstadt). Eleazar b. Aryeh Loeb Roke'aḥ, Deutsch's colleague and intimate friend, mentions his responsa several times in his own work, Shemen Roke'aḥ.


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