Deutsch, Eliezer Ḥayyim ben Abraham

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DEUTSCH, ELIEZER ḤAYYIM BEN ABRAHAM (1850–1916), Hungarian talmudist and author. Deutsch was born in Petra, near Kaschau. He studied under Menahem Eisenstadt of Ungvar, Judah Aszód, and Solomon *Ganzfried. In 1876 he was appointed rabbi of Hunfalu, and, in 1897, of the important community of Bonyhad, where he founded and headed a large yeshivah. Deutsch was a leader of Hungarian Orthodoxy, and a supporter of the "Moriah" association for the advancement of Orthodox Judaism, founded in 1905 by Meir Lerner in Altona.

A prolific writer, his books are (1) Tevu'ot ha-Sadeh in six parts (1892–1904), novellae on talmudic themes with responsa appended to each part; (2) Ḥelkat ha-Sadeh (1901), glosses and notes on the Ara de-Rabbanan of Israel Jacob *Algazi; (3) Peri ha-Sadeh in four parts (1906–15), responsa; (4) Si'aḥ ha-Sadeh (1914), aggadic novellae on the Torah and for festivals. Published posthumously were (5) Ẓemaḥ ha-Sadeh (1917), novellae and responsa on the problems of agunot; (6) Duda'ei ha-Sadeh (1929, published by his son, Moses), responsa and a selection of rulings with respect to the laws of mourning. In the Yizraḥ Or of David *Meldola, there is an appendix by Deutsch, Omer ha-Sadeh, that comprises the laws for determining the New Moon. Halakhic queries were addressed to Deutsch from many parts of the world.


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