Chujoy, Anatole

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CHUJOY, ANATOLE (1894–1969), U.S. editor, dance critic, and historian. Born in Riga, Latvia, Chujoy studied in Petrograd and graduated in law from the University of St. Petersburg. He was a committed balletomane in Russia. Chujoy immigrated to the U.S. in 1924. In 1936 he founded the influential Dance Magazine and edited it until 1941. He founded Dance News in 1942, remaining as editor and publisher until his death. He wrote, edited, and translated many books on dance. He compiled the Dance Encyclopedia (1949) and edited Michel Fokine's Memoirs of a Ballet Master. He translated important Russian works on ballet and wrote Ballet (1936), Symphonic Ballet (1938), and The New York City Ballet, a history (1953).

[Amnon Shiloah (2nd ed.)]