Christiani, Pablo

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CHRISTIANI, PABLO (d. 1274), convert to Christianity and anti-Jewish polemist, probably born at Montpellier, southern France. After becoming converted to Christianity, he joined the Dominican Order. Failing to convert the Jews of Provence through his preaching, Christiani transferred his activities to Aragon. In 1263 a public disputation was held in Barcelona (see *Barcelona, Disputation of) between himself and *Naḥmanides in the presence of King James I in which Christiani claimed to prove the validity of Christianity from the Talmud. Afterward Christiani was sent by the Dominicans to Rome to solicit Papal action against Naḥmanides and the Talmud. In 1269 Christiani persuaded Louis ix of France to compel the Jews to listen to his sermons and to enforce the wearing of the Jewish *badge. He conducted another disputation toward the end of his life with Mordecai b. Joseph of Avignon.


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    Christiani, Pablo