Christian Doctrine, Sisters of our Lady of

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(Abbreviation: RCD, Official Catholic Directory #3080), a congregation begun in 1908 by Marion Gurney (Mother Marianne of Jesus) in New York, N.Y., to assist pastors in teaching religion to public school students and adults. Miss Gurney, a convert from Anglicanism, was a graduate of Wellesley College. A pioneer social service director, she was cofounder of a catechetical normal training school at St. Rose's Settlement in New York City, and secretary of the city's first Confraternity of Christian Doctrine at Good Counsel Church in 1902. The work of the congregation began in 1910 when Abp. John Farley invited the sisters to assist the underprivileged by providing cultural, educational, and recreational benefits. On Cherry Street they opened Madonna House, a settlement, nursery, and kindergarten. Volunteer and paid workers helped the sisters maintain a wide program of social services. The congregation is engaged in education, childcare, catechetics, parochial work, social services, and counseling. The congregation's headquarters is in Suffern, N.Y.

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Christian Doctrine, Sisters of our Lady of

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