Christian Doctrine (Nancy), Sisters of

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A religious congregation with papal approval (1886,1929), founded in France c. 1700. The sisters, who take simple perpetual vows, are known also as Vatelottes, after their founder, Abbé Jean Baptiste Vatelot, who, together with three of his own sisters, opened a school for girls in his family home at Bruley, near Toul. From this institution the congregation gradually developed in France. During the French Revolution the religious adopted secular dress in order to continue their work; they later reorganized and established their motherhouse at Nancy (1804). New foundations were made throughout eastern France, and in Belgium (1833), Luxembourg (1840), Algeria (1841), Italy (1903), and Morocco (1911). After World War II the sisters expanded to the then Belgian Congo (Zaire). The congregation is engaged primarily in the education of girls and in various forms of hospital and nursing activities.

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Christian Doctrine (Nancy), Sisters of

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