Chelidonia, St.

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Virgin and recluse; b. Abruzzi, Italy; d. Subiaco, Oct. 13, 1152. All information on Chelidonia (the forms of the name as Cledonia or Cledona are incorrect) is based on the vita composed by Guglielmo Capisacchi, a monk of subiaco who was professed in 1525 and who completed the chronicle of Subiaco to the year 1573. He claims that he used an early anonymous vita, but he is the sole authority for its existence. According to his vita, Chelidonia was a virgin and anchoress. She received the veil in the Church of St. Scholastica and became an abbess in a convent near Subiaco. She returned, however, to her life as a recluse. She was distinguished for her virtues, prophecies, and miracles. In 1578 her remains were deposited in a shrine under the altar of the Blessed Virgin in the abbey church of Subiaco. She is one of the patrons of Subiaco.

Feast: Oct. 13.

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