Braudo, Alexander Isayevich

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BRAUDO, ALEXANDER ISAYEVICH (1864–1924), Russian-Jewish historian and civic leader. After graduating from the University of Dorpat he became head of the bibliographical section of the Historical Society at the St. Petersburg (Leningrad) University and was appointed librarian of the Imperial Public Library. Braudo was active in many associations fighting for social equality and freedom for Russian Jews. He edited Trudovaya pomoshch ("Workers' Relief"), cooperated with the *Society for the Promotion of Culture Among the Jews, and was on the editorial staff of the periodicals Voskhod and Perezhitoye. He was also one of the founders and directors of the publishing house Rasum, dedicated to the fight against antisemitism. His review Russian Correspondence, published in London, Paris, and Berlin, provided information about Russian politics, and especially about anti-Jewish activities of the Russian authorities. Braudo was among the initiators of the massive history of the Jewish people, Istoriya yevreyskogo naroda, contributing largely to volumes 11 (1914) and 12 (1921).


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