Bosak, Meir

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BOSAK, MEIR (1912–1992), Hebrew writer. Bosak was born in Cracow, Poland, and studied in Warsaw. During World War ii, he was interned in Cracow ghetto and in concentration camps. He emigrated to Israel in 1949 and taught in Tel Aviv. From 1929 he published articles in Polish and Hebrew on the history of Polish Jewry, and wrote essays on Hebrew literature and stories and poems. His works include Be-Nogah ha-Seneh (1933), Ve-Attah Eini Ra'atekha (1957), Ba-Rikkud ke-Neged ha-Levanah (1960; poems), Aḥar Esrim Shanah (1963; poems), and Mul Ḥalal u-Demamah (1966); Sulam ve-Rosho (1978); Ẓamarot bi-Tefillah (1984); Rak Demamah po Titpalal (1990); Mul Sha'ar ha-Raḥamim (1995), and the collection of essays Shorashim ve-Ẓamarot (1990).

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