Bezalel ben Solomon of Kobryn

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BEZALEL BEN SOLOMON OF KOBRYN (17th century), preacher and author. Bezalel was active in Slutsk (Minsk region), Boskowitz (Moravia), and Przemysl. The following of his books are worthy of note: (1) Pelaḥ ha-Rimmon (Amsterdam, 1659), consisting of 20 different expositions of various Midrashim; (2) Ammudei ha-Shivah ("Seven Pillars," Lublin, 1666), sermons on obscure Midrashim. The "Seven Pillars" are Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Aaron, David, and Solomon, and each section has in its title a biblical verse containing the respective names of these worthies. In his introduction the author states: "I found favor in the eyes of the rulers and leaders of the country [Lithuania], who were moved to make a large contribution toward the publication of the book, and it also received the approbation of the Council of the Four Lands." Selections from the book were published by Joshua Abraham b. Israel of Zhitomir under the title Nofet Ẓufim (Lemberg, 1804). (3) Korban Shabbat (Dyhernfurth, 1691), homilies on the Sabbath precepts and customs, compiled from the halakhic authorities and works of Kabbalah. Other of his works are still in manuscript.


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[Yehoshua Horowitz]