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BERTINI, K. AHARON (1903–1995), poet and editor. Bertini, who was born in Bessarabia, began to publish poetry in 1924, and taught in Hebrew high schools in Bessarabia from 1927. He immigrated to Ereẓ Israel in 1947, where he resumed his teaching career. From 1965 he served as an editor of Moznayim, the literary magazine of the Hebrew Writers' Association. His volumes of poetry include Temol Deheh (1939), Mi-Layil ad Boker (1951), Marot al ha-Efer (1954), Shevil Kaḥol (1961), Bakbuk al Penei ha-Mayim (1969), Maḥshakim u-Derakhim (1974), Me'aḥorei ha-Pargod (1985), Le-Orekh ha-Yamim, le-Orekh ha-Mayim (1988) and the essays Seder Re'iyah: Masot Sifrutiyot (1977). With Z. Rosenthal and D. Vinitsky he edited the literary anthology Min ha-Ẓad (1939–40). He translated from French, Romanian, and Yiddish into Hebrew. Among the last are David *Bergelson's play Prince Reuveni, Moshe Altman's short story collection Be-Omek Ha-Re'i (1967, and H. Leivick's dramatic poem Abelar un Heluiz. Bertini also edited an anthology of translations from Yiddish literature for high schools (1958) and prepared an anthology of works by Romanian Jewish writers (1972). Dan Miron edited a collection in two volumes of Bertini's poems (2003) with a supplementary essay. His son Gary *Bertini is a noted composer and conductor.


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Bertini, K. Aharon

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