Bergstein, Fania

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BERGSTEIN, FANIA (1908–1950), Hebrew poet. Born in Szczuczyn, near Lomza, Poland, she received a Hebrew and a Russian education. In her youth she became active in the Zionist youth movement He-Ḥalutz ha-Ẓa'ir, immigrated to Palestine in 1930, and joined kibbutz Gevat. Her books include Baẓir (1939), poems; Avim Ḥolefot (1950), poems; Asif (1955), collected poems; and Reshimot (1952), collected prose, edited by M. Poznański. Among her ten volumes of poems, stories, and plays for children is Tekhelet ve-Adom (1961). A list of her works that have been translated into English appears in Goell, Bibliography, index.


Fania (Heb., 1950), memorial brochure, issued by Kibbutz Gevat; N. Goren, Demuyyot be-Sifrutenu (1953), 144–9; Y. Harari, Ishah va-Em be-Yisrael (1959), 455–7. add. bibliography: S. Even Shoshan, Fania Bergstein: Parashat Ḥayyim vi-Yeẓirah (1971).

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Bergstein, Fania

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